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Evaluate vs. Analyze: 

Before you can evaluate something,

you need to analyze it first

Use both hands to go through the process until it becomes second nature

* The word “information” can be crossed out and substituted with a specific medium of information:


       1.a “Who is the author/creator of this (information) website, book, movie, etc.?”


              b.“Who is the intended audience of this (information) website, book, movie, etc?

   It's ridiculously simple!

 Follow me if you are curious...
  Be curious...

          Critical thinking

The objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.

*this is where to put history of developing this lesson.... instructions etc. 

O.K. let's practice this method out on something simple (and at first glance, silly) to see how it works...

Pick an ordinary everyday object; something like a pencil, a cup, a shoe, a piece of clothing, furniture; anything.

Begin by  replacing  the word "information" in each of the questions with what you want to analyze and evaluate. 

Then proceed to go through the six step process using each hand and adapting the question to the object.

For example: Pencil

 1 a. Who created this pencil? Are they an expert?

    b. Who was this pencil made for?

2  a. What is the purpose of this pencil? 

    b. What kind of pencil is it? (there are many different kinds)

3 a. Where does this pencil come from? ( country? business? other?)

   b. Where do I find contact information about where this pencil comes from?

4 a. When was this pencil created/produced?

   b. When was this pencil revised or updated? 

5 a. Why is this pencil appropriate ; or not appropriate for my purpose? 

  b. Why is this pencil more useful; or not useful than another one?

6 a. How does this pencil get my attention?

   b. How does this pencil discourage my attention? 

Now try it with another object or a movie or a book or a song and on and on...

Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are. 


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